Story or Memory



Year Month Day      
1980 08?   Moved from Beer-Sheva back to Magdiel to work with Zvi at Shelef Machine Tools.    

Lived in Magdiel in the Shelef house at #46 Hankin St.

Magdiel, Israel  
 1980  02  23  Einat Rachel Shoham Grandaughter. daughter of Yehudit and Oded born in Beer-Sheva. Beer Sheva, Israel  
1980 08 07 Daughter Zahava marries Moshe Davidow.  Ceremony and reception take place in the back yard of the house in Magdiel. Magdiel, Israel  
1983?     Teudat Shichrur from Tzahal (Army completion certificate), taken from old house.    Teudat Shichrur
1983 09 30 Lili Davidow, Grandaughter. Daughter of Zahava and Moshe born in Petah Tikva. Petah Tikva, Israel  
 1985  03  23  Merav Leah Shoham , Grandaughter. Daughter of Yehudit and Oded born in Marlton N.J.  N.J., USA  
 1985  09  09  Ohad Israel Davidow, Grandson. Son of Zahava and Moshe born in Beer Sheva. Beer Sheva, Israel  
 1986  08  16  Mashav Shelef, Grandaughter. Daughter of Nachman and Irit born in Haifa. Haifa, Israel  

Ginton celebrates his 60th birthday. Yishkeh Potash lifts him with a tractor.
Magdiel, Israel
1988 09 02 Orr Davodow, Grandson. Son of Zahava and Moshe born in Kfar Saba. Kfar Saba, Israel  
 1991  10  02  Daughter Elisheva marries Eli Ben-Simon - first (and only) Morrocan Son-in-law. Wedding took place in "Ginat-Egoz" in Ruppin, Israel. Ginton is delighted with the morrocan Hina and dancing, and stays dressed in white Galabia and Fez hat for the rest of the wedding!
 Ruppin, Israel
Regev Shlomo Ben Simon, Grandson. Son of Elisheva and Eli born in Kfar Sava.
Kfar Saba, Israel

 1993     Retired from Shelef Machine Tools.
 Magdiel, Israel