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Year Month Day      
1971  09   Moved from Texas back to Magdiel to head the Mahon Le-Automatzia Tasiyatit - The Institute for Industrial Automation, part of the Institute for Productivity.    

Lived in Magdiel in the Shelef house at #46 Hankin St. and also in the "other" (ding) house - the Valodia house at #38 Hankin St. where Nachman and Yhudit (when she came home from Pardes-Hanna) lived with Safta Yaffa and Safta Ruchalea.

Magdiel, Israel  
1976?     Member of Instrument Society of America (ISA).  (Certificate taken from old house.)   ISA certificate
1978 08?   Moved from Magdiel to Beer-Sheva to manage the Oron Phosphate plant.