Story or Memory



Year Month Day      
1952  12   Moved from Berkeley, CA to New York, NY to do M.Sc at Columbia U    

Lived in New York, NY at Mrs. Izenshtat'''s building on 172nd St.

New York, NY USA  
 1952  12    Worked as a senior analytical chemist at Food Research Labs in Long Island City, NY.

Began his Chemical Engineering M.Sc studies at Columbia U.

1954  06  13 Ginton and Jean get married in New York New York, NY USA


Ginton and Jean went on their honeymoon(s).

Jean: “The honeymoon was also the trip to Israel. We got a weeding present from Ginton's uncle Sidney from Dublin. No, we had two honeymoons. First, we had a week of a real honeymoon in NY City. After the weeding it was a big hamsin. We walked from the wedding hall to the hotel Taft, where we had a room on the 20th floor. We were up all night. Next morning we went to Coney Island, where Aba loved the rollercoaster and wanted to photograph on the big rollercoaster. The rollercoaster made me sick but he said that he must sit in the front seat and he is going to photograph, and I must hold him, so he doesn’t fly out. After the first round I wanted to throw up, (…. to be continued)

New York, France, England, Ireland, Italy

1954  10   Returned to Magdiel.